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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

Data Book
Time Management
Topic Selection
Day of the Fair
Final Paper
What's Next?
Group Project Guidelines
Application Form
Visual Display
Background Research
Assignment Checklist
Update Assignments

Here are some resources to help you out. If any of the links are not working, please let me know. - Start Here - Great Ideas and Topics Here

Cyber-Fair  (

Canada Virtual Science Fair - 

IPL-Science Fair Project Resource Guide ( 

Internet Science & Technology Fair   (

Science Fair Idea Exchange

 University of Southern California

 North Jersey Regional Science Fair 

Baltimore County Public Library---links to science fair projects & contests


 Florida State University host of  Technology & Science Education:

Science Fair Tips : 




National Public Radio, Science Friday, the World

                Click on “ask about our Programs” and pull down the list to select

Public Radio International: Ask Dr. Science, the World

                Click on “ask about our Programs” and pull down the list to select 

British Broadcasting Company (BBC), Science & Technology



How Stuff Works Web Page  

National Institute of Health 

National Teachers Association 

National Association of  Biology Teachers 



Nutrition :




IPL Kidspace: Science Fair Project Resource Guide

Background Research Plan and Bibliography -Tiger Shark Research - Science News for Kids - Science News - Belhaven Library Site - Ask A Scientist 24/7 - Discovery Homework Help - Online Database - Yahoo Search Engine - Science Only Search Engine

Writing a Review of Literature for a Science Project

Introduction To The Scientific Method

Top Science Fair Project Resources

   - see samples of projects and get help on science project research.

  - go to science fair central

Click Below for a great science fair site with sample projects and ideas... Project Information

Discovery School Science Fair Central



Official website for your science fair project!