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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

Update Assignments
Data Book
Time Management
Topic Selection
Day of the Fair
Final Paper
What's Next?
Group Project Guidelines
Application Form
Visual Display
Background Research
Assignment Checklist
Update Assignments

Periodic project updates - How is the project going so far? 

         Once topic cards are turned in, students will be working on parts of the science project in school and parts of the science project at home.  The goal is to complete something towards the science project every week that the student is in science class. Update assignments are usually completed in class.

          Depending on the week, we will fill out update assignments so that students can determine what they have done and what they need to do. Students will be able to set new goals for themselves each time we complete an update assignment.

Format : (25 Points - Level 1 Assignment)
1. What did you complete this week?
2. Did you accomplish the goal that you set for yourself? Why or why not?
3. What do you want to complete next week?
4. How do you plan on getting this done?

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