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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

Topic Selection

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Topic Selection
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Topic Selection - Due September 2008

 Level 1 Assignment - 25 Points


Science Buddies : Topic Selection Wizard - try this if you are having trouble finding a topic.

Areas of Science - You can also browse by areas of science.

ISEF Topic and Research Help

Topic Selection and Purpose : on a 3x5 card, write down your topic (same as your title) and a brief purpose statement covering what you are doing and why you chose the topic. You will be assigned your project number in class.

Those working in groups will print out and turn in the group contract on this date.

Note : When selecting a topic, make sure it is something that you like!  Choose something that interests you as you'll be working with this topic for a long time!  Also, make sure that your topic is something you can do research on.  Try some searches on your topic to see what comes up.  Check out the school library page or facts on file to see if something can be found about your topic.  If you can't find that much, you might have a hard time with the research paper.

Group Project Note : Groups consist of 2 students.  Partners can be in the same class or grade but must be taking science class at the same time. Make sure that you can schedule time to work with this person once a week and that both members of the group are contributing.  Review the group guidelines.

Requirement Points
Name and Class of all group members 5
Topic Selected and Purpose Stated 20
Five points deducted for late work.
Total Score 25



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