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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

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Background Research
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Science Project Background Research Assignment

Using the "Links" page, students will create a 3-5 slide powerpoint that explains the topic of their science project. Use the following questions to guide your research :
  a. The theory behind the topic including key concepts, terms, and equations (if this applies)

Note : Explain what you know about your topic as completely as possible. The accuracy and depth of this section will be worth the most points.

               b. Method - the best techniques for investigating the topic and how they are performed.

Note : In this section, you explain how you plan on doing your experiment.  At this point, you've seen some research and have a good idea of how the experiment will be set up.

               c. History - have others investigated this topic and what did they find?

Note : Explain here if you are able to find any other experiments or projects that are similar to what you did. Sometimes students find online experiments or results that can support a given project. This is pretty tough to find so don't go crazy trying to find this out.  Give it a shot and if you were not able to find any previous experiments, simply state that you were not able to find any previous experiments on your topic. 

               d. Significance - Why is the answer to the question important?

Note : This is an opinion question - based on what you have read and what you have done so far, why is the answer to your question something that is important to you and to those reading your project? Use your research to support your answer if needed

Due Date :
   Project will done in class during the 1st or 2nd marking period. This will not be a homework assignment.

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