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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

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2008-2009 Glen Landing MIddle School Science Fair Application Form 

Due : With Topic Selection 3x5 Card. Cut and paste this information into microsoft word and complete the form. This may also be printed and filled out.  


Student Name :

Grade :    

Science Teacher :     

 Names of Team Members: (if doing a group project)


Title of Project: 


Project Number (if known) :

 Student Acknowledgment: I understand the risks and possible dangers to me for the Topic I have selected.


Will your project involve any of the following areas? (Please specify and explain below.)


q              Chemicals (hazardous, flammable, explosive, highly toxic, carcinogens, mutagens, pesticides)

q              Electronic Equipment (welders, lasers, voltage >220 volts)             

q              Human Subjects

q              Nonhuman Invertebrates

q              Pathogenic Agents (bacteria, fungi)

q              Controlled Substances

q              Recombinant DNA

q              Human or Animal Tissue

q              Firearms

q              Radiation or Radioactive Substances

  Explain here if any items are checked off :



student’s printed name and date  :

student’s signature :                                                          


Parent/Guardian Approval: I have read and understand the risks and possible dangers involved with the Topic my child has selected

                         parent/guardian printed name and date   


                                  parent/guardian signature



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