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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

Data Book

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Data Book - OPTIONAL

   Some projects require LOTS of data. If this is you, then you might want to consider a data book for tracking the daily progress of your project. If you choose to do a data book, then you don't need to include a data section in your final paper. As far as the visual display goes, we can find a way to get some of your data table up on the display board.  Remember, the data book is OPTIONAL and should only be used if your project requires lots and lots of data.  See me before you begin your data book to see if your project is appropriate for the use of one.


1. Daily Log format for taking your data :

A daily log is simply a log with the date, time, activity and any numbers you were taking. For example :

Hottest Time of Day

Date                 Time                Temperature            Initials

12/17                2:00                        42 Degrees F            MAB

12/17                4:00                        38 Degrees F            MAB


Have one for each day of data. If you have only one day of data collection, then you need only one sheet.


2. Safety Procedures : List the safety procedures that you followed during the course of the experiment. Your textbook is a good resource for finding safety procedures.


Science Buddies - How to Do a Data Book



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