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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition


Data Book
Time Management
Topic Selection
Day of the Fair
Final Paper
What's Next?
Group Project Guidelines
Application Form
Visual Display
Background Research
Assignment Checklist
Update Assignments

This page outlines the rubric for the Science Fair Project. Keep checking back for updates.

Evidence of Knowledge Gained - abstract is clear, concise, and convincing.
Evidence of Scientific Approach - steps of the scientific method are apparent and evidence is shown of the practical application of the scientific method. Student used "real world science". Student identifies a problem, lists materials
Thoroughness of Data Collection (at least 3 runs per variable). Data is neat and calculations are correct.
Evidence of Individual Work - background research is complete. Student created a document to showcase the information he or she found for the science project.
Evidence of repeatable, confirmable results via a detailed procedural analysis. Student accurately reflects on the results of the project and what they would do if they did the project again.
Validity of Control and Variables. Control makes sense and Independent/Dependent variables are clearly explained and labeled.
Validity of Conclusions  - 4 to 5 supporting facts from data as a means of validating conclusion
Written Presentation - pages/slides are numbered, navigation system intact, neatly done, minimal spelling errors, grammar correct, information is accurate and clearly conveyed.
Visual Presentation - Data Graphed, Work is Neat, No misspellings on backboard.
Student Presentation - students will complete peer interviews and answer questions in class regarding the science fair project. Students will speak to the class briefly about their science projects.
Total Score

Science Project Tip for September : Write down your goals for completing the parts of the science fair project. Give yourself enough time to get everything done so that you can avoid waiting until the last minute. Do your best to stick to your goals and don't forget that you can always come in for help!

For now, check out for great science project help and information!

Sample questions from judges (keep these items in mind as you work on your project)

How did you decide to do this particular project?

Where did you do this project? (At home, at a school, hospital or university lab)

Did you receive help from others? If so, who?

How did you determine your sample size?

How did you analyze your data? Why did you choose the type of graph that you did?

Will you explain your graph / chart / photos me to?

Please explain your procedure.

What do your results mean? How can they apply to every day life?

How many times did you repeat your experiment? Test your device or program?

What new skills, if any, did you learn by doing this science fair project?

What is the most important thing you learned by doing this project?

What changes would you make if you did this project agian?

Explain your control, independent variable, and dependent variable.

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