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Glen Landing Renaissance Science Fair and Exposition

Data Book
Time Management
Topic Selection
Day of the Fair
Final Paper
What's Next?
Group Project Guidelines
Application Form
Visual Display
Background Research
Assignment Checklist
Update Assignments

           Remember to place your project number in the upper right hand portion of the backboard.  Write your number on a 3x5 card and place the card using a paperclip.  Project numbers will be assigned in class.

Science Fair Categories and Divisions :
6th Grade - Blue Division
7th Grade - Green Division
8th Grade - Red Division

Categories in each division :
   Life Science
   Earth/Space Science
   Group Projects 

     Students will be judged according to catergory and grade.  When placing the student project, take note of the category and color for each grade. For example, a 7th grade student in the life science division will look for a green life science sign. A 6th grade student in life science would look for a blue life science sign.

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