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Physics Links and Resources


Content Link

Phet Physics Sims

Physical Science Simulators - make sure you search for "My Solar System"

Line Rider

Physics Game - draw the track and hit play to watch the character move. You must use your knowledge of momentum to be successful!

Car of the Future - Open Content

Use the "Car of the Future" raw footage to create your own car of the future movie. Make sure you include information about speed, velocity, acceleration, and enironmental impact when you do this.

Fantastic Contraption

Build compound machines to solve puzzles.

The Odd Machine

New EdHeads module about compound machines.

Edheads Simple Machines

Learn about the six simple machines and how they combine to let you do more work. Staplerrrrrr

Edheads Crash Scene Science

Great momentum and collisons website. Apply your knowledge of Newton's Laws as you work your way through a crash scene.

Brainpop Motion, Forces, and Time

Brainpop physics review - velocity, acceleration, force, and more!

Physics Central

Interactive website contains articles and information about all things physics.

Icecube Neutrino Observatory

Why study neutrinos? Only these tiny particles can open our eyes to the bizarre world of black holes.

Physics of Baseball

Physics is everywhere - learn how baseball works from a physics perspective. There is information about different types of bats and the forces involved in baseball. Great application of class concepts.

PSU Heat and Thermal Dynamics

Animated simulations for heat, thermodynamics, and kinetic theory.

PSU Mechanics Simulators

Animated simulators for Newton's Laws, Circular Motion, Projectiles, Energy, and More.

PSU Modern Physics Sims

Sims for time travel, time dilation, and more.

PSU Vector Physics Sims

Animations to help further the understanding of velocity vectors.

Momentum Crash Simulator

Change the variables of a collision. You can manipulate friction, mass, and the angle of the collision.  Try to predict what will happen first before you let the simulation run. Remember that momentum depends on the mass and velocity of the object.

Newton's Laws Tutorial

Science Channel Interactive - Newton's Laws

Detailed explanation of Newton's Laws.

Animated Engines

A great application of simple and compound machines. Check out the engines to see how the machines work together.

Physics Lessons

Get physics lessons and labs here.  There are also quizzes at "Q-Physics". This is resource for the Dearborn Public Schools.


NASA tutorial about Aerodynamics.  It is a beginner's guide about forces on objects like planes and a beach ball.  It contains downloadable movies and lots of other interactive content. Great application for physics.

Marvin and Milo

Interactive Portion of website website covers physics all around you.  The first link has some at-home experiments that you can try (with adult supervision).  You can also check out the interactive portion that has video-to-go and physics games.

Physics Virtual Lab

Virtual lab with tons of physics experiments. Everything from traffic light patterns to classical mechanics.

Physics Zone - Science Joy Wagon

Organized by topic, this website teaches basic algrebra and trig based physics.

Junk Yard Wars

Build your own junk yard car, play interactive games and puzzles, and learn how to apply your knowledge of simple machines.

Kung Fu Science

The science behind this amazing martial art.  Features the physics behind many of the movements in kung fu.

Virtual Physics Lab from Hazelwood School District

Interactive lessons on every physics topic in the curriculum. Some of the links are no longer active but many (such as velocity) are working.  Good graphical representation of important physics concepts.

Fear of Physics

Physics explained.  Interactive physics, chemistry, and astronomy modules. Shows physics in action - covers all topics in the curriculum such as why things fall,  basketball, how seesaws work, sound, and more!

Roller Coaster Videos

Great study of potential and kinetic energy. You can also describe and apply the six types of energy : mechanical, nuclear, thermal, electric, electromagnetic, and chemical.  You can see videos of modern roller coasters and see what the newest designs in roller coasters look like!

Funderstanding Roller Coaster

Design a roller coaster

Brings together alot of physics concepts.  You must be able to apply your knowledge of energy, momentum, and gravity to get the roller coaster to work.

BBC Bitesize Physics

BBC Middle and High School level physics lessons - interactive graphics and quizzes.


UCLA Physics Applet website - covers physics across the curriculum with java animations. Anything from motion to the physics of a rainbow. Includes light/sound and electricity/magnetism.

Online Physics Tutorial

Online physics modules - operates like a textbook. Includes explanations and sample problems. This is a great website to go to if you need to review a physics concept, learn one for the first time, or to see a concept once agian.  If you miss a lesson on a physics concept, work your way through the tutorials to help gain a better understanding of what we are going over.

Physics of Baseball

A series of powerpoints that teach about the physics and physical concepts behind baseball. Very thorough and very informative.