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Earth Science Links and Resources


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Edheads Weather Tutorial

Learn how weather moves and how to predict it.  Don't forget your invisible gold coffee mug!

Astroventure - Atmosphere Training

Learn how different gases in the atmosphere interact and help life exist on Earth.

Astroventure Atmospheric Mission

Once you complete the atmospheric training - it's time for a real NASA mission!

Astroventure Geology Training

Geology Tutorial from NASA - great Earth Science review!

Astroventure Geology Mission

Complete the geology training and embark on a real geology mission!

Brainpop - Our fragile environment

Brainpop video series about the environment. Some topics include global warming, fuel cells, recycling, and the carbon cycle.

Brainpop Weather

Brainpop Video Series on weather review. Learn how the different components of the Earth system interact to form our weather.

Snow Crystals

The perfect snow day activity! Learn about the classifications of snow crystals and even design your own.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - get weather forecasts and detailed weather information from the best!

Tidal Lock Sim

Find out why we always see the same side of the moon.

USA Today Hurricane Interactive

Awesome interactive that allows you to track the paths of hurricanes from the last few years.  It also includes some information about hurricanes, how they form, and the frequency with which they've been making landfall.

GOES Visible Loop

North American Satellite Loop  - lets you see incoming systems and storms.

GOES United States Loop

Snapshot of US Weather

JPL Earthquake Interactive

Interactive lesson on Earthquakes. Focuses on the 1906 quake. Check out Google Earth for up to date Earthquake images.

Climate Time Machine

NASA JPL interactive feature showing the climatic changes on Earth in the last 100 years.


Articles and features about weather trends.  There is data from different schools. Use this website to compare weather in different areas of the country.  Ask me for log in information.

Infrared Weather Loop

Interactive satellite imagry - shows cloud tops, temperature, and other Earth Science data to study weather patterns.

Google Earth

Google Mars

Google Moon

Google Europa

Google has some awesome Earth and Space science information. You probably know about Google Earth and Sky, check out some other google sites!

Pollution Satellite Data

Goddard Space Center shows some satellite pollution dadta.

Geologic Time

Interactive website that explains Earth's geologic history.

Plate Tectonics

Educational module with interactive features and a graphical interface that demonstrates plate tectonics.

Kids Saving Energy

Energy smart homes, renewable energy, and games. Learn about how to save energy and do good for the environment.

3D Earth Images

USGS Website that shows some great 3D images of places on the Earth. Get your 3D glasses ready!

Earth Science Links

USGS General Earth Science Links - lots of great websites!

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