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Chemistry Links and Resources

Science Beakers

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Metric System Tutorial

Mr. Breslow's Flash Tutorial for Metric System review. Covers basic metric units and conversion.

Chemistry Experiment Videos - Spangler Science

Physical and Chemical Properties, Rates of Reaction, Types of Reaction. Do not try any of this stuff at home.

Brainpop Matter and Chemistry

Brainpop Video Series about atoms, molecules, chemical equations and other topics in chemistry. Great for chemistry review.

Brainpop Scientific Inquiry

Scientific Method, Science Project, Measuring Matter,  and other concepts in general science review.

Web Elements

Interactive periodic table - click on an element to learn more about it.  You can use this resource to study patterns on the periodic table such as how the rows and columns of elements are related.

Picture Periodic Table

Pictorial representation of the periodic table. Learn about what the elements are used for in the real world.

Chemical Reactions Module

Detailed information about chemical reactions - great for a current events article! Learn how sodium and chlorine interact to form common table salt.

The pH Factor

Interactive module where you can learn about the chemistry of pH. From the Miami Museum of Science.

Chalkbored Chemistry Class - Chem 1

Chalkbored - More Chemistry Lessons - Chem 2

Amazing website that contains chemistry powerpoints, labs, and other activities.

Science is Fun - Chemistry Experiments

From the "Science is Fun" website - there are some activities that can be done at home - with parental supervision and permission, of course.

The Element Song

Feel free to sing along to the awesome element song!

Periodic City

This website features various versions of the periodic table. You can even read a periodic table comic book!

Chemical of the Week

PDF Files about the chemical of the week. Great information for further research or for current events articles.

Particle Adventure

Comprehensive website about sub-atomic particles. 

Strange Matter

Super cool website that teaches about the physical properties of objects. You can also add heat and pressure to common every day things to watch a chemical change. See how aluminum looks on the atomic level and don't forget about the famous "materials smackdown!"

Environmental Chemistry

Chemistry from an environmental prospective - environmental chemistry is an important science where scientists study how various chemicals are interacting with the environment.

Chemistry Tutorials

Online chemistry tutorials that will help with balancing chemical equations and other advanced chemistry topics.

Periodic Table Sorter

From environmental chemistry, this part of the website lets you sort the periodic table using different criteria such as electronegativity or atomic radius.

Balancing Chemical Equations Tutorial

Very informative balancing equations tutorial. This is one of the sites we use in class to introduce this concept.

More Balancing Equations

Graphical website that walks you through the process of balancing chemical equations. Great review!

Balancing Equations Guided Practice

Additional explanation for balancing equations - includes some practice problems.

Buoyancy Tester

Application for our lesson on Density.  Test the different materials to see which solid and liquid has the most density - can you explain why?


Chemical Formula for Photosynthesis - try to count all of the atoms! Lots of information about this vital process.

Think Metric

Learn more about the metric system - there is specific information about different metric units like temperature.  You can view posters and get lots of cool metric system stuff!  Great animations and graphics.

Virtual Chemistry Lab

All of the cool chemistry labs without the mess!

Elemental Flash Cards

Review your element facts from the periodic table.  A great review for chemical symbols, protons, electrons, and neutrons.


General chemistry review - has lessons, labs,  and interactive features. Covers matter, reactions, elements, biochemistry, and more!

Metric System Converter

Not sure how many micrometers are in a kilometer? Use this website to convert any 2 units.


Wonderful interactive site about antimatter.  It includes "antimatter for kids." Learn all about positrons, antielectrons, and more!

Chemistry Zone - Science Joy Wagon

Organized by topic, this website teaches basic chemistry.

Particle Chart

Time to get modern!  This is an interactive flash particle chart that outlines the modern theory on atomic structure. Includes antimatter information as well.

DV Action

Geared for more advanced chemistry. This site has pictures and movies of chemicals, chemical reactions, and various types of lab equipment. Good for getting pictures for your mimio board presentations!

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