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Mr. Breslow’s Science Class

Back to School Night

September 25th, 2008

Welcome Parents!


 Introduction : Mr. Michael Breslow,8th Grade Science – National Board Certified Teacher – Early Adolescent Science.

Email Address :

1. Mr. Breslow's Website

 Classwork – This is my eboard- you will find class notes, quizzes, tests, labs, homework, make up work, class calendar, Online Textbook, and more here.

 Resources –  Included on this page is content resources, curriculum, lessons, class newsletter, and other relevant materials for 8th grade science.

Science Project - Everything you need to know about the science fair project.


2. Online Grades

3. Online Textbook –

4.   Why Science Rules - Berlin Meteor Video

5. Tutoring - students can come in any time after school for help! All I ask is that the student or parent let me know prior to arrival. I am willing to help but may not be able to if a student comes in unannounced. Thanks!!!

6. Renaissance

Note -  ASK 8 Testing begins April 28th, 2009.

Glen Landing Renaissance