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Welcome to the Varsity Club!

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What is the Varsity Club?

  The Varsity Club is a classroom Renaissance program that recognizes students for doing the right thing and for being successful in science! The purpose is to reinforce positive classroom behavior and give students every opportunity to learn and to do well.  There are several ways to enter the Varsity Club as described below. Each Marking Period, the top Varsity Club point holders will earn a special reward.


Tickets given are tracked and entered in the ticket box for drawings. Prizes include t-shirts, pencils, lab passes, quiz points, and much more!

The more tickets you have, the more chances you have to win.


These are the following ways to earn Varsity Club Points :

Being A Group Leader

Getting A Good Grade


Good Character

Lab Safety

Being Kind to Others

Higher Order Thinking

Amazing Academics!

Varsity Club Ticket Values :

 Blue Ticket - 10 Points

 Gold Ticket - 20 Points

 Red Ticket - 100 Points

 Elusive "Eagle" Green Ticket - 500 Points

During the 2nd and 4th Marking Period, the Varsity Club "Gold Card" Program will be in effect. Students that earn a Gold Card will earn benefits that will help them in class. 

To get a Gold Card, a student must accumulate 5,000 total Varsity Club points.  Some benefits include : extra time on assignments, homework or quiz passes, special drawings, exemption from final exam, and other cool prizes! 


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