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      Current Events are designed to help students connect science content to the real world. News links are included on this page but a current events article can be any event that students can relate to the topic we are covering at the time.
      Due date for current events articles will be posted here and on my main web page. Look for these dates to be posted soon after the school year begins.

Current Events Format - Level 1 Assignment - 25 Points
Question 1 : What is the source of your article (magazine, book, tv show, etc.).
Question 2 : In four complete sentences, describe/summarize the event.
Question 3 : Give four examples of how this article relates to physics, chemistry, astronomy, environmental science, or earth science. (Your choice).
Question 4 : Ask a physics or chemistry related follow up question (you do not need to answer the question). 
         Example : What velocity did the spacecraft carrying the Phoenix Lander need to escape the Earth's gravity?
Current Events can be written or typed. 5 points deducted for late work.
Use the links below to help find current events materials...

Science Daily

Eureka Alert

NASA News for Kids

NASA's 21st Century Explorer

Science News for Kids

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