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Additional links and resources to help with homework across the curriculum.

Autumn leaves

Content Link

Brainpop Famous Scientists

Brainpop video series about Einstein, Newton, Curie, Goodall, and more.

Create A Graph

Website that allows you to enter data and create a custom graph.  This is a good alternative to excel if you wish to do a computer graph for a lab or project.

Discovery School Brain Boosters

Looking to exercise your brain? Check out these awesome brain boosters!

How Stuff Works

The Why Files

Science Netlinks

If you are in to how things actually work, these are the websites for you.  There are articles and interactive features covering just about every topic in science.


This site alone has over 15,000 web pages about the science behind everything. Includes live webcasts and lots of other cool stuff. Great for background research of a science topic.

Try Science

This website has modules about various science topics and experiments to try at home. It also has online interactive adventures to help you learn more about science!


PBS Website for the popular science show, Nova. You can go through the interactive features of the shows and learn more about many of the topics we cover in class.

Engineer Girl

For girls interested in pursuing a career in engineering. The website has information for how on how anyone can get started in this great career field.

Pbs Zoom

Try some of the fun experiments from the PBS Show. There are some great interactives as well.


Test your science knowledge agianst students from around the world. Click on "Dare to Compare" to see how you do!

Chemmy Bear

This site contains some great resources - many of which I've linked on this page.  You can see animated molecules and get materials for the AP Chemistry Test.  There are chemistry backgrounds too!

Home for Webquests

Great resource for teachers and students - complete a webquest or use one for a guide to help you create your own.

CMAP Tools

Free concept mapping software.  Great for graphically linking concepts or for organizing information in a new way.

BBC Education

Bonus content for all levels.  The BBC Education site has a "bitesize" section that teaches chemistry, physics, astronomy, and more! 

Emelio Segre Picture and Quote Archive

Great collection of photos of famous scientists.  Good for research projects.

Girls Go Tech

Science and Technology website done by Girl Scouts of America.  Includes information about science careers and even has an interactive music composer.


Science teacher website that lets you find interactive web sites and resources.  Check your textbook for scilinks codes.

National Geographic for Kids

Multimedia website that has videos, games, and other interactives about general science. Good for looking up information for a science project or for learning about various science topics.

Invention at Play

The famous tinker ball game in addition to other creative resources. You can doodle, design a cloud, and work with words. This gives you a chance to explore your creativity.

My Wonderful World

National Geographic website that promotes learning geography.

Glen Landing Renaissance