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Scientific Method

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Scientific Method

Put your dancing shoes on, it's time to study the Scientific Method!

Boogie your way to a better understanding!
   To teach control and variable, I use a simple experiment using the "Boogie" dance game to help students understand this concept.

Materials :
   "Boogie" Dance Game
   Wiimote + Nunchuck
   Vernier Dat Pro
   Wireless Heart Rate Monitor

Control - The control for this experiment is the student heart rate before playing the game. You can use the monitor to take the heart rate or use the finger on the write method.

Dependent Variable - The dependent variable in this experiment is the student heartrate after playing one song and dancing. 

Independent Variable - The independent variable is anything that influences the outcome. In this case, you can talk about the speed of the song or how much the student was moving when dancing.  Sometimes, the heart rate will actually go down!  Whatever happens, it makes for great class discussion!

Using Nintento Wii and other video game systems to engage students in Science.