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Wii Love Physics
Scientific Method

XBOX and XBOX 360 - 'nuff said!


              XBOX racing games are fast and furious! I've used Project Gothem and Project Gothem 2 to teach about force, acceleration, velocity, and momentum. In the lower corner, you get velocity readings which you can use to calculate acceleration in any given situation.

                I was also able to pick up a used dance pad and I had students using DDR. We used this mostly for dances and events but you can do heartrate experiments and teach about motion as well. 

                 Finally, I use guitar hero to teach about frequency and pitch. I also use that time to talk about rates, amplitude, and a host of sound and light terms.

                I haven't done much with the XBOX 360 yet but I've been playing alot of Forza Mortorsport 2 and can see alot of potential for use in the classroom.


Using Nintento Wii and other video game systems to engage students in Science.