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Coming Up Next...The Forecast Channel

          Using the forecast channel from the main menu on the Wii, you can teach time zones, weather patterns, and even a little geography.  I read about this in a recent issue of the NJEA Review. There are lots of great ideas for the Wii out there.

         The main obstacle you will face in doing this is that you need to have your Wii connected to the internet.  In this day of high security school networks, you might have some trouble getting this approved.  You can always video tape your lesson at home and then show it to the students while you are waiting for approval.

Flexibility - You can walk around the room with your wiimote during this lesson and manipulate the globe.  To get to the globe. go to the weather channel and click on globe. I like to scroll east and west to show students time zones and how weather moves across the country.

It's awesome.  While you are online, check out the news channel for current science headiles. 


Wii Weather Channel - Picture Source Page and more info

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Using Nintento Wii and other video game systems to engage students in Science.