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National Board Certification

The Process

5 Core
The Process
Candidate Resources

What? So What? Now What?

Four Portfolios :
     Documented Accomplishments
     2 Video Lessons
     Before and After Teaching
Assessment Center
     Six more parts - be ready to type!
Assessment depends on certification area.

There are many reasons to pursue this certification. Personally, I needed to address some areas in my teaching that I felt needed improving.

        The process is rigorous, but it's worth it. The title of "National Board Certified Teacher" is the highest credential in the teaching profession and carries alot of weight in the teaching community.  NBCTs are involved in all levels of teaching and are passionate about the art of teaching.

What happened changed my teaching forever.  The three little questions you see above - what? so what? now what?
   What have you done? Why is this important?  What happens next?
These are the rules I live by when I teach in addition to the many layers of standards and indicators involved in National Board Certification.

             The process of National Board Certification makes you put yourself out there for people to see.  It paints a picture of your classroom and it forces you to look deep inside yourself and analyze your teaching to the core.

              There may be times when it gets difficult, there may be times when you want to stop the process but never give up - it is the most incredible PD process you will ever go through.

The Process of a Lifetime